I’ve done so much work in my life around not giving up, having adversity and rising to the top, struggling and continuing on.  Just keep going.  Even if I was still feeling like a failure from my last mistake, I could at least know I was alive and was in action with the next THING.  Have a failure and pick up the baton and run again.  Running, yes, running to the next thing.  So fast, like a speeding bullet, so I didn’t have to stop so long to feel the pain of the mistake and everything that comes with that.

Today, I’m in action, for sure, however, I’m allowing some space here to leave the baton and take a breather.  Air on the side of slowing down long enough to see straight and catch my breath.  No matter the feedback I receive lately, solicited or unsolicited, it continues to lead me back to me, to my source of what I need to listen to.   Of course, this long lesson of knowing it really isn’t about what anyone else thinks, that’s a long lesson.

Today, stop and hear the silence for a long while.  Let the other stuff rise to the surface as it will.  That’s what has me fall in love with the practice of yoga again and again…..I can practice and just have 90 minutes to see how I go from the mind’s chatter to the silence again and again and slowly the space between the silence and the next silence shrinks more and more until I have peace and I can see what I need to see.  The answer is always there…as they say, the answer ALWAYS lies inside not outside.

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